Crossville, TN Certified Financial Planner

Crossville, TN Certified Financial Planner


Growing up in the small town of Ellensburg, WA there were limited choices for such things as restaurants, clothes, new movies, etc. As consumers, we either had to settle for what was available locally or make trips of an hour or more to increase our purchasing options. 

Another area with limited choice where I grew up was financial services. We had a couple of brokers in town but both were focused on selling products with high commissions and not financial planning. When my family and I were considering moving to Crossville, Tennessee I found the financial service choices were similar to where I grew up. This would be a great opportunity to provide the people of Crossville and the surrounding area another choice for financial advice. Advice that is in the client’s best interest, comprehensive, conflict-free and fee-only.

Peterson Wealth Advisory is the only independently owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm employing a Certified Financial Planner in Crossville, TN. There are significant differences between my firm and brokers like Edward Jones. Peterson Wealth Advisory is paid directly by our clients on a fee-only basis, we disclose any and all conflicts of interest, and have a duty to put our client's interests first. 

Dually registered advisors/brokers may say they are fee-based but this just means they can play both sides of the fence. On one hand they can be paid a fee by the client for advice but at the same time they can sell a product that earns them a big commission. As their client, it is not clear what angle they are taking and if they are taking advantage of you. 

Peterson Wealth Advisory is unbiased and completely independent. We do not receive kickbacks or revenue from mutual funds for selling their products. Conflicts can arise when fund A pays more to the advisor but fund B costs less and performed similarly. We don't sell insurance or complex annuities for their big commissions. But, we will review your insurance and help you shop around for the most appropriate and inexpensive policies.

My company has been in business for five years and I have been an advisor since 2006. Even before that, I had a strong interest in financial planning and investing. I used summer job earnings to buy stocks and mutual funds as a young teenager and then later earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Finance. I have experienced the benefits of saving early and growing wealth through investing.

When I work with clients, I take the time to get to know them personally, their life experiences, and understand the quality of life they are striving towards. Until we first know the answers to these more impactful questions, we can’t possibly make recommendations about all of the traditional financial planning tools like insurance and investments.

If you live in Crossville or somewhere nearby and are interested in learning more about the new choice you have for financial advice, please contact me. I will be happy to meet with you and share my financial planning expertise and knowledge with you. 

Spread the Word: Consumer Reports Recommends Advisers Who are CFPs and Fee-Only

Spread the Word: Consumer Reports Recommends Advisers Who are CFPs and Fee-Only

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