Cash Flow & Net Worth

Discover your net worth and where your money is going. We will identify a surplus or deficit in your finances.

Debt Reduction

Debt is a problem that does not age well. We can help you develop a strategy to pay down those credit cards and loans as soon as possible. Your debt reduction plan will be priority because being debt free is a wonderful feeling.

College Planning

Education will be your most expensive future goal. We can help you create a saving and investment strategy to help pay for private or public 4-year college. Choosing a college saving vehicle (529, Roth, UGMA/UTMA) will be discussed.

Investment Plan

Your investments are your means to achieve your financial goals. We will help you create a diversified and low expense portfolio for your short- and long-term goals. We will recommend several asset classes in both stocks and bonds. Index mutual funds and ETFs will be part of your recommended portfolio.



Estate Planning Insurance & Risk Management

Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Your plan may include having key estate legal documents in place, reviewing your beneficiary designations or understanding potential future estate taxes (Fed and State).

Insurance & Risk Management

No matter how good your plan is, there could be unexpected bumps down the road. We will help you plan for those unexpected expenses or situations to make sure you meet your goals. We will discuss disability, life and long-term care insurance. Establishing an emergency fund will be considered as well.

Employee Benefit Plan

We will review and help you take advantage of your employee benefits. Should you enroll in the long-term disability insurance, flexible-spending plan or choose the high deductible insurance plan and HSA?

Business/Entrepreneur Planning

As an entrepreneur myself and being around business owners my entire life, I have extensive knowledge of financial planning for business owners. From reviewing a business plan to starting and managing a 401(k) we will help you and your business be prepared.